Eminent Personalities


Kerala Varma Pazhassi Raja(January 3, 1753 - 1805), popularly known as the Lion of Kerala was a prince from the royal dynasty of Pazhassi Kottayam which now belongs to Kannur District of Kerala, in India. He had three senior Rajas above him for his claim to the throne. However, when the Mysore army occupied Malabar for a second time (1773�1790) all the senior members of the Kottayam Royal family fled to Travancore. Pazhassi Raja led a well organized guerrilla struggle against the Mysorean invaders, who were far stronger than the Kottayam army. He emerged in the course of time as the most powerful man in Kottayam as people stood firmly behind their beloved prince who had not abandoned them in their hour of misfortune.His troops were drawn from ranks of warrior Nairs as well as tribal Kurichias and Mullukurumbas.


The Chirakkal Raja is the senior Raja of the Chirakkal branch of the palli division of the Kolathiri family of the erstwhile princely state of Kolathunadu (Kingdom of Eli) in north Malabar, Kerala, India. They belonged to the Mushika Vamsham . Herbert Wigram states that the Chirakkal Raja and the Travancore Raja belongs to branches of the same family and are representatives of the ancient Nayar kings, perhaps the oldest aristocracy in the world.


K. Raghavan is a Malayalam music composer. Along with Baburaj, Raghavan is often credited for the renaissance of Malayalam film music. K.Raghavan gave a new direction and identity to Malayalam film music.As he searched for the right tune for the lyrics, little did K. Raghavan realize that he was about to compose history.He had composed around 400 songs in Malayalam Cinema in the last active 4 Decades.


Sreenivasan is an award winning Indian film actor, screenwriter, director, and producer. He is noted for his satirical, screwball, and black comedy screenplays. As an actor he is famous for his comic performances.

He is most popular for writing the screenplays for films such as T. P. Balagopalan M.A. (1986), Sanmanassullavarkku Samadhanam (1986), Gandhinagar 2nd Street (1986), Nadodikkattu (1987), Mukunthetta Sumitra Vilikkunnu (1989), Varavelpu (1989), Thalayanamanthram (1990), Sandesam (1991), Midhunam (1993), and Azhakiya Ravanan (1996).

As a filmmaker, he has scripted and directed Vadakkunokkiyanthram (1989) and Chinthavishtayaya Shyamala (1998).

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